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Welcome to my forest

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Desert Colors

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After the days work

Nature and Wildlife Photography

Wildlife and Conservation

A wildfire of activists cannot change the world, not unless each of us realise the importance of our forest and its beings. For me, it's more than just an obligation, a commitment to save my planet. For the lovers of the wild, the devastating rate of destruction is...

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Post Processing

Here's the truth : the Johnnie beside you might have a better camera, a better angle, better technique as a photographer, but unless he learns to present a picture in his own signature, unique way, he can never be extraordinary. Bad technique will never help you, but...

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Photography Workshop

Skills are acquired. While many of us could perhaps afford a high end camera in a moment's thought, the expertise needed to wield it can take years to master. Mere possession of an article can never make you it's connoisseur. Photography, much like any other art,...

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Anthology of Experiences

Nature is a treasure chest of learning and experiences

Ranthambore Tiger Family on Last day of Season

Ranthambore Tiger Family on Last day of Season

Last day of Safari in this season in Ranthambore came in with a very plesant surprise. We got the zone 6 family near the Gate and they put up an awesome show for us. First Kumbha (T34), a dominant male tiger of Zone 6&7 crossed the gate giving us an opportunity to...

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Soul Remains of a Tiger Queen

Soul Remains of a Tiger Queen

The sky stood witness as another star found its place in the infinity. Bandhavgarh’s Rajmaata was no more. I was leading a photography tour in Ranthambore when the reality struck me. A feeling of void conquered my soul as the corners of my eyes filled up with its...

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Sourish’s Experience

Click here to read the story of a business man and foodie who goes in the jungle only to find some new rules by his tour leader – Breakfast only after we see a Tiger and no lunch if we are with one. It was fun end of the day as the sightings were great with fantastic experience and learning. In total we saw 12 tigers and spent some quality time with Noor & family.

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Timeless Bandhavgarh

If there is any yardstick that can measure the beauty of Mother Earth’s best creation, this place ranks very high. A dream destination, Bandhavgarh is the one of the world’s last strongholds of tigers- Tiger density is very high here, second only to Kaziranga and sightings are also frequent making it a popular terminus for tiger lovers.

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Sojourns to the wild

Experiencing the infinity of nature


Kaziranga National Park Assam February 2018     The only place in India to get big five and scores of other unique wildlife are the flood plains of Assam. The park is submerged under water overflowing from the mighty Bramhaputra for over five months. The access to the...

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Madhya Pradesh   February 2018   I have been to most Tiger reserves in India and have quite a few as my favorites and I love them for some reason or the other. But if were put on spot to choose and stick only one out - It would be un-doubtedly Bandhavgarh Tiger...

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Chopta, Uttarakhand January 2018 Chopta is an unspoiled natural destination lying in the lap of the Himalayas and offers views of the imposing Himalayan range including Trishul, Nanda Devi, and Chaukhamba It is located at an elevation of 2,680 metres (8,790 ft) above...

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The first park I ever visited in my childhood and school days was Corbett and been hooked on since then. The vast landscapes, lovely terrain and the abundance of wildlife this park offers is unparalleled to any. Leading a group of 12 Wildlife photographers for this...

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One trip in a year cannot do justice to this majestic place of the mangroves and the complex tidal waterways.  It is a lifetime experience to understand the high and low tides making every safari a different experience and full of learning. Getting a glimpse of the...

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Ranthambore is rocking this season with good sightings in most zones. The Noor cubs are in the verge of separation while Krishna's cubs are getting bolder by the day. There are good sightings of Laadli and Kumbha in the other zone while the other bold males are seen...

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About Sandeep

Welcome to Sandeep’s world of the untamed.  A storyteller, Sandeep has chosen his camera to convey the beauty of nature. Documenting India’s wildlife for decades, Sandeep treasure chest contains unparalleled moments from the wild.

Migrating from a senior rank of one of the world’s largest corporate, Sandeep today follows his passion uninhibited. Sandeep’s work has been published widely as he holds credit to some of the finest accolades in the genre of wildlife and nature photography. This website is a window to the secret wonders of nature that Sandeep has carefully crafted over the years. Today, One of the most experienced wildlife photographers of India, Sandeep has dedicated his life where he truly belongs – Into The Wild.

Being a mentor and business leader in his past, he has crafted the art of teaching and sharing knowledge on photography and post processing comes very natural to him. He makes sure his student’s skill go up a few levels when they spend time with him and this is what makes his methods unique and also very simple for the participants to understand. He is taken photography and post processing sessions to big corporates, institutes, various groups and seasoned individuals.

His students have gone back with lots of learning and new skills. They are seeing their images in a new light and started believing in their own journey of being a successful wildlife story teller through their clicks.

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Give a touch of nature to your four walls from my limited edition prints. If you cannot get there, let the “wild” come to your home.

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