Life do gives you surprises !!
All you need to be cool & calm. It was a sudden plan as one of my friend had to back out of 3 1/2 days of safari at Ranthambore. Without hesitating i jumped in, booked flight and in next 24 hours i was in Sawai Madhupur.

Our safari was planned next day at noon and i just could not wait. The sleep had it cast on me with the help of the trouble we had in a low cost airline. Got up at around 10 in the morning while our two friends joined us. As the moment got closer to enter the park, the excitement got higher.

The jeep came to out hotel, we were four of us, three with the latest cameras & lenses and myself with my glasses. We entered the big gate of the park it was like entering through a big fort gate. The historical structures in the park are simply majestic and adds a different kind of charm to the overall experience in this land of the Tiger.

Gradually the the vehicle went inside the forest when you can see 360 degree of greenery. And suddenly Sandeepda said Tiger – And the royal beast was there- lying next to the jeep track, maybe taking rest, just 15 feet from me. Never ever before i have seen a tigress so close and above that i was in an open jeep. You could feel that its all her wish if i would get to see the next game of cricket where Kohli scores a century. What i mean is if she charged, it would be the end of story. But i was later told that they don’t ever charge unless i do something stupid.

We were there for nearly and hour or so. She was yawning, maybe just her way to alarm us with a mild display of her weapons – her canines and stretched claws. She stood up, walked around a bit and lazily vanished behind the tall grass. This was Arrowhead T84, and I was later told that she is pregnant and we should expect some good news in a few months. It was like this the next 3 days, we saw Krishna, spotted her two cubs, Noor with her three daughters, Lightning and some few more. In total, we saw twelve Tigers in these three four days.

The experience was amazing and once a lifetime stuff for sure. The tough job was made easy for us by Sandeepda- his experience, patience, knowledge and arrangements. Can you ever imagine having lunch while there are four tigers across the stream within 30 meters.

We were flooded with the best sightings and you can not ask for more. From 6 in the morning till 6 in the evening in the wild. Spending almost 10 hours with the beast is a thrill you will hate to miss. Please help me find something more thankful than thankful to thank Sandeepda for making worth each penny and creating an experience of a lifetime.

Written by Sourish Chakraborty