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The Red Puff

Birding at Chopta during the New Years was tough this year. The un-usual tourist crowds was disturbing the wildlife and the cold was killing too. But it was amazing to get the Scarlet Finch on everyday of our trip; actually it would just fly in as we get to the spot...

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Black Magic

The best thing about nature is its limitlessness. There is no boundary, the beauty of it cannot be quantified and there are infinite surprises that can ambush you anytime. Yes, during one of my latest trips a Black Magic that shall remain a highlight in the...

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Kanha and Workers Society

It is a great privilege to announce that I would be part of a noble initiative, where I'm the Photography Mentor for a campaign which involves a "Field Photography Workshop" in Kanha. This campaign is hosted by Kanha Worker's society (KWS) in association with Nikon...

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Sourish’s Experience

Click here to read the story of a business man and foodie who goes in the jungle only to find some new rules by his tour leader – Breakfast only after we see a Tiger and no lunch if we are with one. It was fun end of the day as the sightings were great with fantastic experience and learning. In total we saw 12 tigers and spent some quality time with Noor & family.

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A meal in the Savannah

The pray is in abundance here but the cats still need to plan, strategize and kill to eat. We witnessed many natural history moments here and one of them was this lioness bringing down a wildebeest all by herself. It is a pleasure to watch how she waited patiently for the light to go down and make this kill. This image is from the next morning when she came back to eat again.

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Tiger’s home

The tiger is a royal being that has enchanted us for years. What makes this animal even more unique is the different habitat it thrives on. From the secrets of Mangroves to the caves of Bandhavgarh, from the Terai of Corbett to the emerald forests of South India – the Tigris of our dreams dot the varied landscape of this planet with unmatched panache. Let’s celebrate Tigers through its habitat.

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Tiger Cuties

Cubs are a window to the future. A bundle of energy, they are the best ambassadors of innocence. With over some 2000 tigers left in our soil, cubs are our best answer to the tireless conservation efforts-they are the last bank of our hope. Every cub is a little bundle...

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Pride of Assam

The prime attraction of Kaziranga - a UNESCO world heritage park is the Great One Horned Rhinoceros, though we get big five here and various other unique wildlife. Kaziranga also boasts the highest density of tigers among the protected areas in the world though...

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Wildlife Photography

Probably the most challenging subject for cameras is wildlife. Whether it is digital or film, Tigers or flycatchers, the quest for the perfect shot is endless. It is not like photographing a building, wedding or landscape where the subject matter is more obliging or pliable. There are no re-takes in the wild.

In my pursuit of happiness, our forests has taught me life and several aspects of it. It is about the vision-give it a chance in Wild India and I promise, you will come back wiser and richer with memories experience and stories to tell.

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Timeless Bandhavgarh

If there is any yardstick that can measure the beauty of Mother Earth’s best creation, this place ranks very high. A dream destination, Bandhavgarh is the one of the world’s last strongholds of tigers- Tiger density is very high here, second only to Kaziranga and sightings are also frequent making it a popular terminus for tiger lovers.

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A date with Passage migrants

It is an absolute delight to spend a few days every year to get a glimpse of these rare to be seen passage migrants. They stopover in Kutch salt plains for 2-3 days while they move from Europe to Africa and yes, they do not necessarily take the flight path of modern day jets.

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Salt of Faith

The air quivered with the heat coming off from the land. Kutch was getting baked by the sweltering sun as I lay motionless hoping to catch a glimpse of the animal I was waiting for so long. My shirt draped with the dessert dust and elbows scratched from the harshness of the land made the wait a painful affair, and then, suddenly two ears popped out of the ground.

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Human greed, orphaned cubs

T35 (Jr Kankati, and mother of these cubs) is missing from Bandhavgarh and was last seen on 4th October. It is said that she is no more as she fell prey to poachers as the forest department has found an old carcass without the skull, skin or claws. The three orphaned cubs are put in an enclosure around the same area.

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