Birds of Sattal


Located in the enchanting Himalayan Ranges of the Kumaon region, Sattal (Seven Lakes) is an interlinked group of seven mesmerizing freshwater lakes situated in the Nainatal district of Uttarakhand. It serves as a tranquil haven to the tourists who visit the place to enjoy the picturesque exquisiteness. The town is one of the few unblemished and uncontaminated freshwater biomes in India. The avian fauna is unique here and one can expect to see different migratory birds throughout the birding season.

Avian Fauna Sattal


The unique avian fauna of Sattal, situated at an altitute of 1370m, includes many resident and migratory birds. Sattal is unique for its biodiversity and ecological amplitude. It has 150 species of resident and migratory birds, 20 species of mammals, over 525 species of butterflies and over 11,000 species of moths, beetles, bugs and other insects. A combine tour of Pangot-Sattal is appropriate for best birding experience. I have been here several times and documented over a 100 species of birds from this region which includes Chaafi, Pangot, Vinayak and Kala Dungi.

The most sought after bird here are the winter migrants but top of list would be Long tail Broadbill. The news of its arrival spreads like wild fire and hundreds of bird watchers visit to get a glimpse of this beauty who is usually busy building its nest. Various species of Woodpeckers, Kingfishers, Forktails, Barbets, Thrush, Sunbirds, Flycatchers , Accentors, Laughingthrush, Finches, Tits and Pheasants can be seen and photographed here.

My personal favorite are Nepal Wren Babler, Golden bush Robin, Lineated Barbet, Res billed blue Magpie, Blue throated Barbet, Brown headed Barbet, Grey Headed Woodpecker, Brown fronted Woodpecker, Himalayan woodpecker, Rofous bellied woodpecker, Greater yellownape, Mrs. Goulds Sunbird, Green tailed sunbird, Kokolas, Khaleej and various Laughing thrushes. Beauty of this place is, overtime you get there, you will come back with something new.

 Here are some of the avian beauties captured by my lens during the various visits to this place. Some of the images are from nearby birds spots such as Chaafi and Pangot.

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