Traveling with Sandeepji makes one appreciate the jungle from a completely different perspective. I have learnt an incredible amount in my 2 trips to Kanha with him and would definitely want to accompany him on future wildlife trips. He is extremely generous and patient in sharing his world of wildlife photography which makes him the perfect guru. His post-processing tips are the added attractions along with his delightful company. His association has led me to develop a stronger interest in wildlife photography.

Sunayna Pateria


We had a wonderful time on safari with Sandeep. We loved hearing his stories and anecdotes and he was a fantastic guide. His deep understanding of the behaviours of the animals around us (from tiger to macaque) and the fact he knew the reserve inside-out really enriched the whole experience. It was a fantastic few days – we can not recommend it enough!

Anjali & Adam

London, UK

Our Bandhavgarh safari was a never-happened-before-experience. We made 7 safaris and got to see 28 tigers.

It looks so easy, Actually, ‘safaris with Dada ‘ are always unending thrills, be it Bandhavgarh or in the Sundarbans. There wouldn’t be a single dull moment. 

We share the same mother tongue and a passion for photography. Sandeep  is a total package, sure enough to make you fall in love with forest life. Guria , my  daughter, calls him Tiger Uncle and trust me, the name suits him.

Papiya Mazumdar

CFO, Arun Signs, Kolkata

Traveling with Sandeep is like going to his home town irrespective of the place. He knows the in and out of every place he tours to. He knows which zones to go into for maximum sightings and for the best experience. He can spot wildlife from a mile when even the most seasoned tour guides might fail. He is a brilliant photographer, as is evident from his photos here and is always willing to guide others to get the best of the photos in any conditions. My most memorable trip with him was to Sunderban. Every requirement was taken care of, even when we were on the boat for the major part of the day. I got amazing photos and a restful getaway, and will always cherish the experience.
Jaya Munjuluri


I was lucky enough to do two trips with Sandeep Dutta. He was a great company and an excellent source of professional photographic information and advice. Besides having immense technical knowledge in photography , he got the expertise in post-processing which is an essential part, to represent your image to the viewer, as you want to visualize them.

He just doesn’t take pictures, he makes images & captures the moment perfectly.

A wonderful personality ,who is always there to help you out, if you ask for any help. Wishing him all the best for his future ventures.

Susmita Datta

Engineer, Photographer

Experience of a Lifetime – Thank you team EOTW – 12 tigers in 3 Days !!!

It was an amazing trip to Ranthambore. Difficult to explain in words how efficient the planning had been.

Choice of hotel was beyond our expectations – Very Comfortable and great food. The safari jeep used was perfect for photography.
Guides and driver were not only highly knowledgeable about animal movements inside the park but also would , under the watchful supervision of Mr Sandeep Dutta , constantly try to place the jeep in the correct position for beautiful frames.

Not to mention the mentoring and guidance of the great Sandeep Dutta , who would take personal interest in ensuring that you make good images and would also constantly share his vast knowledge of wildlife and photography.
When you give so much effort Results do follow – We managed to find 12 tigers in 3 days and boy what frames we got to capture…

Last but not the least – the mentoring sessions at the End of Day .. where Mr Dutta analyses all pictures taken in the day and gives his feedback regarding post processing , composition and various other techniques to improve your photographic skills.

Cant wait to go back with team EOTW – Keep up the good work.


Birsha Haldar

Captain, Merchant Navy, Wallem ShipManagement

I have known Sandeep for a very long time and seen him through the phase of turning passion into profession. But dont mistake me, his passion is ever stronger with more energy into it. Infact there is a Passion 2 which is about making sure that people who come to him to learn photography or post, go back home with bag full of new learnings. He is one guy I know who is nailed the art of nailing the moment. I wish Sandeep all the best for this new begining.

Rajiv Srivastava

Engineer, Self Employed

My husband and I met Sandeep for the first time at a birding camp in Dandeli, Karnataka- He completely bowled us over with his knowledge of birds & stunning photographs. Since then there has been no looking back and over the last few years we have done many, many trips together. It’s hard to describe Sandeep in any way other than Patient & Passionate. Being on a safari with him is nothing short of thrilling and you will come off it with not just amazing photographs but also with some unforgettable experiences!

Sandeep is a seasoned & highly skilled Wildlife Photographer and there is no limit to what you will learn on these tours with him, but from him I learnt respect for the Wild.

You’ve got to travel with Sandeep to feel the difference, you won’t have it any other way again!

Sowmya Balachandran

Product Manager, GE Healthcare, Singapore

I traveled with Sandeep to Bandhavgarh during May 2017. It was my first targeted tiger Safari and I should say Sandeep made me feel seasoned with good guidance and tips for a good overall experience. There is always the lady luck which should be on ones side and I guess it came in the form of Sandeep and his experience because I got to see 10 tigers (incl Cubs) during my stay at bandhavgarh. Everything that was outside the park was also well managed and thought out by Sandeep. Sandeep spent some quality time in the evenings discussing about how the Safari went and what was planned for the next day. He also spent time explaining about post processing techniques. His skill to spot birds in the wildlife is amazing and I got to experience this during my multiple trips with him in the forests of Karnataka. There is a lot to learn from Sandeep and I am sure I will make many more trips into the wild with him..

Srikant Duvvurri

Photographer, Bangalore

The experience was amazing and once a lifetime stuff for sure. The tough job was made easy for us by Sandeepda- his experience, patience, knowledge and arrangements. Can you ever imagine having lunch while there are four tigers across the stream within 30 meters.

We were flooded with the best and you can not ask for more. From 6 in the morning till 6 in the evening in the wild. Spending almost 10 hours with the beast is a thrill you will hate to miss. Please help me find something more thankful than thankful to thank Sandeepda for making worth each penny and creating an experience of a lifetime.

Sourish Chakraborty

Business Owner

My first interaction with Sandeep was when I wanted to buy a DSLR and I got his contact through a friend. After that I met him at Bharatpur and then had the opportunity to be with Sandeep at Bandhavgarh and have been through multiple mentoring sessions with him.

 While on his tours, he would review our photos without a bit of tiredness of the day’s roaming and guide us on various aspects of Image making. I started getting really wonderful results after these sessions!

 I have found Sandeep to be a truly wonder coach and guide for any type of nature photography and will be joining him on many trips on nature photography. Lots to do in life but being with Sandeep in a jungle or birding with him has been the most refreshing, exciting and incredible learning experience for me!

Hari Gopalakrishnen

Company Secretary, Leading Multi National

I have been on many safaris in India and abroad but going on a safari with Sandeep is on a different level.
I have done a few safaris with Sandeep in India  but the most memorable one was at Ranthambhore in July 2017. This was a three day safari (Two full days and one half day) in total we saw a total of 11 different tigers. I can say for sure that we were more than lucky and a lot of it was Sandeep’s effort, his knowledge of the big cat and the lay of the land. I say this coz when comparing notes with others doing safaris were unable to sight less than half the number.
Going on a safari with Sandeep is a different experience one he needs us to maintain silence at all times so that he can concentrate on the main task at hand i.e. sighting wildlife. Believe me he has the eyes of a hawk. At one point he tracked tigers by just looking at the water droplets on the ground. He is very knowledgeable and always ready to share, but never going overboard. For photographers he always help to find the right angles and helps take good photographs. Never have I seen him to take his own photographs before the group. A true mentor. It is really great to see the respect Sandeep has for the environment and it’s habitat and as he is a true conservationist at heart.
Sandeep’s knowledge of wild life is exceptional and educational. Also he has a great knowledge of birds having photographed over 700 species. Evenings after the safaris with Sandeep is also a very pleasing experience. He discusses the day’s events very thoroughly and also helps analyse the photographs with his critical comments.
Logistically too his team is very well equipped for safaris and they form a great team within themselves to help us have superlative experiences. I Look forward to many more safari trips with him and have no hesitation in recommending others to travel with Sandeep.
Go Eye of the wild.

Sougata Ganguli

Country Head, Vishay India

My wife & I have known Sandeep for the past few years, and have done countless trips with him starting from Ranthambore in 2014, numerous times to my beloved forest in Nagarahole and most recently Bandhavgarh in May 2017. He has been my inspiration (and for many more, I’m sure!) & a person that I look up to in order to learn the art of photography. 

Sandeep’s focus is not only making sure we get great images & unforgettable experiences, but also focuses on teaching post processing techniques which helps to present an image with splendor and story! He is a treasure chest of knowledge and not a single day goes by without you learning something new about nature & wildlife. He is an amazing host and goes the extra mile to make sure his guests are taken care of both on & off the field.

Many more trips to come & memories to cherish, Cheers!

Bharath Srinivasan

Photographer, Birder, Singapore